Funding guidelines

Funding guidelines

STEA monitors the changes and general development within the health and social welfare field and non-profit organisation field actively.

The long-term goal of the funding activities is to ensure that there will be an active and versatile field of organisational operations in Finland in the future, too, with good opportunities for cooperative and up-to-date organisations to promote the health and social well-being of citizens.

The focus of the organisational activity funded by STEA is on the people whose well-being is promoted by the activity. Preventive activities and offering help and support to those who need it are the key elements in organisational activities.

The economic use of funds and the transparency of activities are basic preconditions for granting funding.

For the guideline period 2017‑2019, six organisational objective areas which promote health and wellbeing have been set for STEA’s funding operations.

The funding is directed to the following:

1.    Securing the preconditions and basic funding of organisations.
2.    Promoting health and the ability to function.
3.    Promoting the sense of communality and involvement.
4.    Supporting the housing of special groups.
5.    Assistance in crisis situations and the promotion of everyday safety.
6.    Strengthening working life participation.

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