Who can apply

Who can apply for funding

STEA’s funding can be granted to incorporated non-profit corporations and foundations for their work that promotes health and social welfare and which are registered within the Register of Associations or the Register of Foundations. Non-profit limited companies and cooperatives may also be eligible.

Organisations receive grants for general or targeted activities, investments, development projects, introductory projects and other projects with a defined purpose.

The funding is not intended for use in statutory public services or business activities.

Neither is STEA’s funding granted to organisations for extensive activities involving an exchange of money that approaches a commercial activity, or for financing statutory public services.

STEA draws up a grant proposal annually.  An assessment and grant division will be established under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The division will prepare grant proposals and the Ministry will decide on the allocation of grants in January-February.  The decision proposal will then be submitted to the Ministerial Committee on Finance for approval.

Legislation on STEA grants

The following statutes (in Finnish) regulate the awarding of STEA grants.

Read more about STEA's grants in Finnish or in Swedish.